A bit of a look at Women Who Startup and the Women Who Startup Foundation
A monthly event series where we put a women entrepreneur in the spotlight to learn how she's building, what she's building and why - in your local Startup Community since 2013.
In Colorado alone we have over 4,000 members who frequent our monthly Basecamp events in multiple cities. Learn more about our Basecamp program here to attend and here to contact us if you want to start a Basecamp in your local community. Our Basecamp's are sponsor-driven and if you'd like to sponsor one please review our Sponsors Page here
Women Who Startup Radio, official podcast 
Women Who Startup Radio, our official podcast focuses on reaching a global audience to share the stories of women entrepreneurs. We started recording in 2014. Since 2014 we've had over 30,000 downloads across the Globe.
Our podcast is available on 12 different platforms for your convenience, here's our Women Who Startup Radio podcast page
Women Who Startup Connect
Women Who Startup Connect is an online learning and engagement platform for early staged women entrepreneurs - creating a real-time learning experience via desktop and mobile for anyone, anywhere who wants to connect to fellow entrepreneurs and learn about specific topics related to the startup journey and making progress on taking an idea to market, successfully. "We get by with a little help from our friends"
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