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My name is Lizelle van Vuuren, I'm an entrepreneur, serial startup founder, GTM strategist, and community engineer. Building Founder Station. Venture Partner at Purpose Built. Co-founder of Undock and the Founder of Women Who Startup. Book me for 1:1 advice. What I'm working on now.

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What I'm doing now

This page was updated on October 17, 2023. The purpose of the page is to share what I'm up to and working on currently (aim to update every few months).What's next?I've been thinking a lot about what to work on next and recently pushed a tweet to ask people if they need some GTM help which created a ton of outreach. I'm connecting with a ton of new founders and touching base with old friends and peers to see if there's something I can help with. I'll make an update here once I start working on some projects.Where my head is at. ❤️ + 🧠Founder Station (previously Moonshot Ventures) 🚀My vision for Founder Station is building a first of it's kind, AI-powered launchpad to fast-track founders from idea to market. The goal is to unlock untapped human potential with technology and community, enabling millions to realize their innovative ideas. I am seeking an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) opportunity and a like-minded co-founder/s to refine this concept. Together, we can redefine the entrepreneurial landscape and ignite a new era of builders. Learn more about Founder Station, hereBoard of Advisors, CU Boulder Innovation & Entrepreneurship 🤓In July 2023 I was invited to serve on the first-ever External Board of Advisors at CU Boulder Innovation & Entrepreneurship division. I am on a mission to support innovation in entrepreneurship itself and help the school elevate its potential to democratize entrepreneurship and continue to offer a world-class business education.Women Who Startup ⛰️Women Who Startup began in 2012 with 2 Denver-based friends and by 2015 was the fastest-growing platform for entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and raise money in Colorado. I am currently thinking about working with a creative agency and sponsoring partners to reshape the WWS brand, tell the decade-long story of the platform, build a new website to present the past, present and future of WWS, and position WWS for its next chapter to support women entrepreneurs. I also want to launch this next evolution of WWS in 2024 during Denver Startup Week, where it all began, possibly with my first book and the story of WWS. Looking for creative partners and industry sponsors to make this take shape for Sept 2024 blowout event.Community FCThis past Summer I indulged in the Women's World Cup and helped launch a campaign to bring professional women's soccer to Denver, Colorado and a few things dawned on me. The heart of every soccer team is a community and no one is truly using technology to connect the community to the football club in so many more ways, and more ideally no one is focusing on helping community-led football clubs to become community-owned. So, I'm tinkering on this idea as much as possible. If you're obsessed with soccer, especially women's soccer, technology, and community, reach out because I'm looking for others to start building with me.